• The royal patronage of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, founder of Jaipur, was instrumental in inviting the family of Surana jewellers in 1735 from Delhi to promote the intricate art of handcrafted gold, enamel, kundan, diamond and precious stone jewellery.

    Surana jewellers, an intrinsic part of the city's heritage, have since then perfected the art form and handed this craft down the generations creating masterpieces reminiscent of the royal bygone era.

    Two and a half centuries of experience, fine craftsmanship and customer satisfaction have been the key factors in making them pioneers in the art of Jadau. This legacy is being carried forward by Kamal Surana and Mrs. Prem Surana. Their constant endeavor to design and create exceptional pieces of art in jewellery has led to an exclusive collection, which is an aesthetic fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. His wealth of experience in the international market has proved to be his biggest asset and has ensured a global clientele
  • Kamal Suranas' mentor and inspiration was his father, the late Shri Rajmal Surana. He was the undisputed King of Kundan and Minakari art of Indian jewellery. His vision, innovative designs and the zeal to promote Jadau jewellery at a global level, gave a fresh lease of life to the perishing art of Minakari. His efforts to get the Gold Control Act abolished are an unforgettable contribution to the industry. Under his able guidance the family started participating in international jewellery fairs which gave this art global recognition. He was also invited to be an integral member of the expert committee set up by the Govt. of India for evaluation of the Nizam's Jewels in 1973, when the collection was offered for sale by the jewellery trust. This stands as a testimonial for his expertise, skills and credibility.

    Like him Kamal Surana is also propagating this incredible craft with an exquisite collection which has a global appeal and is keeping this artistic heritage alive. The resplendent collection of jewellery displayed at Suranas upholds the tradition of meticulous workmanship, uncompromising style and implicit trust envisioned by its founders.